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Gli Amici del Mare

Beach - Spare time

  • Address: Via Francesco Mimbelli
  • Telephone: +39 338 3494047
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gli Amici del Mare (Friends of the Sea) is a sport association, which was originally created by a group of friends with passion for kite surf. Later in time, it was made bigger in order to combine more people enthusiastic about sport, sea and wind.

The shared principal is ‘the more you are, the less you travel alone’. Additionally, it offers a summer space conformed to legislation and safety, comfort and respect towards bathing. The ‘Spot’ is based in Marina di Eboli at Bagno38 beach resort.     

Over summer, members can enjoy the beach of the resort and the space close to it. In order to reach the open sea there is a proper in/out corridor,  authorised by the Salerno port authority. Furthermore, specific rules needs to be followed to allow a smoothly coexistence between kiters and bathing people.

Members can also enjoy a bar, warm water showers, locked changing rooms, a specific space where to wash and dry sports equipment, TV, outdoor chairs and tables where to view the sunset or wait for the wind to come.

The School ‘Gli Amici del Mare’ offers kite surf courses at any level, in total safety and with innovative techniques. The schools is certified ‘Sail School FIV’ and the instructors belong to F.I.V and I.K.O.

The full equipment (kite, kite board, trapeze, wetsuit, helmet, life jacket) is provided during the courses, latest generation and replaced yearly as per a highly professional and advanced service. In case of damage, no penalty is added.

Participants to courses are also covered by insurance and at the end, they receive the F.I.V badge as well as the request to join the international membership, I.K.O.

Courses offered are of three types and they would suit any request:

-        Basic, for those who want to get to know kite surf;

-        Intermediate, for those who look for improvement;

Advanced, for those who want to reach safe top levels


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