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Angelo Grippa Pasticceria

Patisserie - Bars and confectionery

  • Address: Via San Berardino, 21
  • Telephone: 0828 367033
  • Mobile: 320 8143191
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Angelo Grippa Pasticceria opened in 1985 in the historical San Bernardino Street, where his artisanal workshop is located. It presents traditional recipes which remind of homemade desserts, made with genuine and fresh ingredients, as well as new and up-to-date flavours: a combination of tradition and innovation, which starts from desserts of the past and makes them contemporary.

‘’Each pastry must have its own personality’’: from taste to decoration, everything is studied in details. They are all styled before being in the shop window. This Angelo Grippa’s new conception of ‘patisserie’ does not revolutionize the pastry world, however, it enriches it making the history more valuable and promoting traditions.

As an example, the Babettone, such as the typical Christmas product of Di Biase Patisserie, combines history, tradition and creativity. The dough is soft and a slow leavening is necessary, starter’s flavour is added, together with candied fruit and then it brewed in the traditional babà dip.

The Babettone,  innovative product that aimed to combine number one Christmas pastry originally from Milan with the typical Naples’ product, had been awarded several national prizes. For example, the ‘Re Panettone’ (King of Panettone) contest in Milan, which is the most relevant exhibition  for artisanal Panettone.


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