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'O Ciauliello

CiaulielloOne of the oldest dishes of traditional Ebolitan cuisine. The basic ingredients are dried tomatoes and zucchini. The zucchini used in this recipe are gathered "out of season" and must have the characteristic of being grown oversized.

Recipe: In the agricultural society "you do not throw anything away", so these zucchine were cut into spirals and left to dry in dry and cool places. Then these were boiled with the dry tomatoes for half an hour, after this they were rinsed and dried well. On a pan olive oil with garlic and hot pepper was prepared, the zucchini and tomatoes were added and fried for about 5 minutes. The tomato pasta and tomato sauce was added. Finally some water was added to completely cover the vegetables and it was left to evaporate on a high heat. A final touch of oil and black olives was added and it was al served with croutons.

Pizzelle 'e sciurill (zeppoline di fiori di zucca)

These can be served as appetizers, or an aperitivo but they must be served hot. The main ingredients are zucchini flowers.

Recipe: The flowers are cleaned, washed and dried. Flour and an egg are mixed and the yeast is added after having been diluted with warm water. Once the dough is ready salt is added, pepper and the flowers with parmesan cheese. Having mixed everything it is left to rest and rise for about two hours. Finally, heat up extra vergin olive oil in a pan and fry the pizzelle on both sides for a couple minutes.








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