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In the central Via Vittorio Veneto is the square dedicated to Lt. Col. Carmine Calò, gold medal for military valor to the memory, died in Kabul 22/08/1998 during a peace mission of the United Nations. The square also has a monument dedicated to the brave Ebolitan soldier, with a memorial plaque to remember his valiant deeds, until the supreme sacrifice for the supreme good of peace and a bronze bust, created in 2002 by the City of Eboli and the art school "Carlo Levi" of Eboli with Prof. Pasquale Ciao, who was entrusted with the construction work. The bronze bust is characterized by the size, doubled compared with the natural proportions, in order to make it visible in its open position, and the perfect similarity, in anatomical features and expressions of Carmine Calò. The day of the inauguration of the monument, which took place in January of 2002, the widow of Calò said, "it looks like it might speak at any moment!", causing great commotion among those present.


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