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Fascia costiera eboli 1From the pinewood to the dune, from darkness to light it is a small step but the difference is profound. The last stretch of the coast towards the sea is characterized by the sand, the back dunes, stable dunes and moving sand dunes: it is a shallow portion of land and only 8 km long, with unique and extreme characteristics. The "mythical" plant species that colonize the dunes and back dunes, vegetate almost exclusively in those places, and nowhere else. The dune system is based around the sun that rises temperature by many degrees, it has a ground temperature of about 10-15C higher than that of bordering areas. The soild is salt rich thanks to the salty breeze from the sea. The plants present in this area are incredibly adaptable to harsh and changing weather conditions. Within these species we can find the following: Otanthusmaritimus, Eryngiummaritimum, Cakilemaritima, Salsolakali, Agropyronjunceum and Pancratiummaritimum.

fascia costiera eboli 2 The lake pond, along three hundred and twenty-six meters wide on average, is a true natural treasure: colonized by hygrophilous vegetation such as reed (Phragmitesaustralis) and cattail (Typhaspp.), Is populated by various species of fish and amphibians and attended by numerous species of water birds such as the mallard, the white heron, kingfishers, egrets and the gray heron, all attracted by the abundance of food and the tranquility of the place. Just for waterfowl, the structure of the lake is of fundamental importance: on the one hand the trees of the pine trees that provide both shelter and an observation floor, on the other the high dune with its native plants, offers a space far from the noise coming from human activities. The Ebolitan coastal strip has 11 bathhouses seen from the right bank of the river Sele towards north.


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