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Pinewood-sea natural trail

This natural trail is about 8km long and is complete with various different environments within the Natural Reserve of the “Foce Sele-Tanagro”. The trail also has a cycling trail which runs alonf the S.P. 175 and then leads back into the thick vegetation, towards the mounts and the sea. Coming out after 3.5 km at the beginning of the safety curtain "Romeo Romei", until the safety curtain "Salvatore Todaro", accompanied by the muffled silence at the height of woody vegetation or crystalline substrate movements of the sea.




The main attractions are:

  • Pinewood top: a wood of italian pines, it produces abundant carpet of needles. White orchids are also present along with asparagus and other plants along with a wide variety of birds.
  • Niches of hygrophilous vegetation.
  • Lower pinewood: with Aleppo pines which are more resistant to marine air spray with tops purposely modeled to withstand the sea and are a fundamental barrier for the woods behind them.




  • The back-dune area, important for the permanent stabilization of the sands. Formed with shrubs and very resistant to the sea winds and dry droughts.
  • The dune with halophyte vegetation are true war machines when it comes to withstand harsh weather of this area that would be lethal to any other plant. In fact, the coastal areas of southern Italy can be considered, along with the alpine zone, the most extreme of Europe. These however are rare plants which must be protected.
  • The mobile dunes, transit point and place of eternal struggle between the sea and the salt water and the land with sand and plants.

  • • The coastal lake Eboli, real natural jewel, designed as a resting place for migratory birds, it has proved very useful for the avifauna. It is home to many species such as herons, moorhens, kingfishers, little bittern and even the knight of Italy. It was conceived as a sheltered place, with the best environmental conditions to enhance the coastal strip. It was conceived as a sheltered place, with the best environmental conditions in order to enhance the coastal strip. Waterproofed with natural elements, pressed clay on the bottom, was planted with species such as hydric fragmite and cattail, species colonizing the lake, have created the right conditions of shelter for nesting of some species and for hunting. The fish fauna consists of species of small size, in particular the Gambusia, voracious fish of mosquito larvae, is introduced to maintain places healthy and to be easily hunted by birds. In spring, the lake offers a spectacular flowering of coronary chrysanthemums.


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