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Natural Reserve of Foce Sele-Tanagro

This reserve spreads around the left and right banks of the Sele river. The reserve extends for almost ten thousand hectares, along rivers Sele, Tanagro and Calore and on mounts Eremita and Marzano. The area covers thirty-nine towns in the provinces of Avellino and Salerno and five mountain communities. This area is of high environmental quality and it is included in the sites of community importance (SIC). Within the territory is the WWF Oasis of Persano and it contains very rare vegetal and animal species, of of these is the otter which is at risk in Italy. The Sele hosts one of the most important populations of this species which indicated the quality of its water. The rivers Sele and Tanagro make up one of the most important river systems in Italy and of the mediterranean. The Sele is 64km long and it is completely within the Campagna territory. The Tanagro starts in Lucca and it receives its water from mount Papa and it flows into the Sele.

Regional Park of the Monti Picentini

The Picentini mounts are the heart of the southern italian Appennino. This mountain chain has for hosted civilizations and cultures for millenniums giving them nourishment from its water and fertile lands. Nature flourishes wildly in this area crossed by crystal clear rivers. Here the flowing of water represents that of the flowing of life, of time and the direction is one of immensity and eternity flowing into the sea. Myths, religions, stories and legends are intertwined with these scenery so varied in shape and color.

Communal Park of San Donato

On San Donato hill, within the Picentini mounts, 4km away from Eboli you can visit the San Donato park. It covers about 25 hectares under th administration of the WWF and a few ebolitan schools. The hill is partially covered by woods and partially by fields. It's faun is thick and abundant and it hosts several species of birds. Many mammals can be found within the park such as martens, weasels, foxes, badgers. The wide green areas allow visitors to be in touch with nature by walking the “sentiero della natura” trail which crosses the entire park. The church of San Donato is inside the park and every year on August 7th many worshipers gather to venerate him and to receive the blessed cotton, which according to the tradition keeps evil away when tied around the wrist. The park also has a pic-nic area with tables and benches.

Natural Area of San Miele

The Sele river crosses the territory of Eboli. Its waters have always improved the territorial fertility and have created a thick vegetation area which is called San Miele. Between the greet tree tops it is possible to observe birds nesting such as the the blackbird, the hoopoe, the goldfinch. You can see amphibians which live in ponds such as frogs, toads and water snakes and the many fish deeper down in the water.


Vivinatura Sele- Torretta Oasis

This Oasis is situated at Lake La Torretta in Eboli within a protected area. The lake extends for roughly five hectares and its maximum depths is of two hectares, it is fed naturally by the river Sele. Sun perch, catfish, carp, tench, crucian carp, chub and blackbass live in it. It is characterized by being crossed by the Sele which has created several types of habitats and forrest types. The oasis is inhabited by many protected species such as foxes, otters and aquatic birds such as herons and egrets ( ibis ), mallards, cormorants. The area has eco friendly structures design to welcome visitors and sports fishing, picnic and barbecue areas, bathrooms, a restaurant, children's playground and an animal area. It is possible to practice several sports there such as trekking, birdwatching, horseback rides, archery, fishing (releasing the caught fish) and kids fishing lessons. The Oasis is located within a farm specializing in intensive protected crops and is managed by ASD Vivinatura Sele -Tower.


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