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incoronazione di eboli
Author: Anonimous
Subject: Coronation of the Virgin c. end of 15th century
Technique and materials: tempera painting on wood
Original location: collegiate church of Santa Maria della Pietà, Eboli
Current location: Diocesan Museum of San Matteo, Salerno

“Coronation of the Virgin” presents a crowded scene, at the centre of it we can see Jesus coronating the Mother. Above the aura crown is the dove of the Holy Spirit and above it the figure of God the father. Because of the disposition of the figures it could be said that this represents the Holy Trinity paying homage to the Virgin Mary. A crowd of angels witnesses the scene, on a checkered floor that follows the rules of central perspective, there also are musician angels.

Maestro of the Coronation of Eboli. Anonymous painter active in the Salernitan area during the second half of the 15th century. He was a painter greatly influenced by the artistic scene of his time. At first presenting gothic traits of the iberic-Marche style, then showing traits influenced by Matteo di Giovanni from Siena. He also shows Flemish influence and a light influence of Piero della Francesca.


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